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About Us
Steve Seymour, our owner, started Cross Roads Auto Locator Services in 2003. Since then we have become the most trusted auto locator service for Auto Dealers Nationwide. Steve personally supervises operations, taking a hands-on role to ensure that customers requests are being handle quickly and efficiently. We have established ourselves as the most trusted locator service in the business. We feel our years of experience and the knowledge we have , set us apart from our competition
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Steve is a former Marine and continues to this day to support our troops with an official sponsership in the USO (United Services Orginization).
We are affiliated with every major industry association including:
The National Automobile Dealers Association, founded in 1917, represents more than 19,700 new car and truck dealers, both domestic and international, with more than 43,000 separate franchises.
•Established in 1970, AIADA (American International Automobile Dealers) is and continues to be the only association whose sole purpose is to represent America’s 40,000 international nameplate automobile franchises